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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Druidic Covenant, chapter 2 – A Parable

(This follows on from here)

Anastasia did sign the contract that her father Archdruid Rowan sent to her. He said that it was a question of trust and loyalty and it was the only way of keeping the family together – to make forceful the bonds of affection. So she signed it. Her brothers Miles and Lucas refused as they said it wouldn’t punish Cassandra and Marcus for their ‘homosexual lifestyles’. Marcus and Cassandra also declined to sign it, because, more than anything, they felt abandoned and betrayed.

There were fewer people at the table, the following Christmas, and the atmosphere was one of mourning rather than celebration. Anastasia was the youngest child, she had just turned eighteen and she felt like crying. Things were about to get worse. Nadia spoke up and asked a question, ‘Anastasia, I have heard that you have a boyfriend, I think you should be honest with us, are you having sexual relations with him out of wedlock?’ Anastasia gasped and blushed, not daring to answer. ‘I think her reaction is evidence enough said Nadia, I will no longer eat with her at the table until she repents’.

Archdruid Rowan knew what to do and was relieved that they had both signed the contract. ‘You must go to mediation and try to resolve your differences’. Anastasia swallowed hard, she wasn’t at all sure she wanted to do that.

The next day, Anastasia found herself in a room with the mediator and Nadia. The mediator explained the process. She said 'You must talk to each other whether you like it or not, and then, when I have heard enough, and if you can't agree, I will decide who is right and who is wrong and recommend that one of you repents. Failure to do so will result in you being classed as a second tier Druid and you will not be able to eat at the main table until you repent'.

Anastasia put her head in her hands and wept bitterly.



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