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Monday, November 15, 2010

Keeping Everything Running Smoothly

Both the No Anglican Covenant Web site and this blog are relatively new, and there may still be bugs to work out. We just corrected a bad link on the Resources page of the Web site, for example, and fixed a problem with line breaks. If you discover problems with either site, do let us know. Also, send us your ideas for improvements. It may sometimes be appropriate to leave comments on Comprehensive Unity, but, in general, you are urged to write to the Webmaster. All contact addresses for the No Anglican Covenant Coalition can be found on our Contact page.

Navigation note: You can always return to the home page of this blog by clicking on the page banner at the top of each page. By clicking on the title of an individual post, you can get to the page containing only that post. It is this page you will generally want to cite when referring people to the post.



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