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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Growing opposition to the Anglican Covenant in England

Following voting today at five Diocesan Synods in the Church of England, the total voting across all dioceses continues to show a trend of increasing opposition to the proposed Anglican Covenant. Total figures for the 32 dioceses that have voted show the following breakdown:

Bishops: 80.7% for, 11.3% against, 8.1% abstentions
Clergy: 44.8% for, 50.7% against, 4.5% abstentions
Laity: 48.1% for, 47.0% against,  4.9% abstentions

Support continues to drop among the bishops. A majority of clergy is against the Covenant, and less than a majority of laity is for (though a slim plurality of laity is for).

Overall: 47.4% for, 47.8% against, 4.8% abstentions
Overall (clergy and laity only): 46.6% for, 48.7% against, 4.7% abstentions

A growing plurality of the overall vote is against the Covenant.

To date 12 dioceses have voted for the Covenant, and 20 against. Twelve dioceses remain to vote.

In order for the resolution to adopt the Anglican Covenant to return to the Church of England's General Synod in July of this year, a majority of dioceses must approve it (23 of 44). If at least 22 vote against the Covenant, the resolution caannot return to the General Synod for consideration in the current quinquennium (i.e., before 2015).

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