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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lichfield becomes the First English Diocese to Adopt Covenant

(Taken from Lesley's Blog)

Today, Lichfield voted on whether to accept the Anglican Covenant. The invited speaker, Bishop Graham Kings, could not attend the synod and so Andrew Goddard, who is also an avid supporter of the Anglican Covenant introduced the debate.

A motion was proposed to adjourn the debate and refer the Anglican Covenant to the deaneries. This was defeated, the voting figures after a re-count being:

For: 47
Against: 60
Abstentions: 2

A debate ensued that was longer than scheduled. Most people were happy with Sections 1-3 but there was concern about Section 4 because the language was of contract rather than covenant. However, the motion on the adoption of the Anglican Covenant was passed comfortably:

BISHOPS: For: 4; Against: 0; Abstain: 0
CLERGY: For: 39; Against: 11; Abstain: 1
LAITY: For: 57; Against: 9; Abstain: 1

Lichfield is the first English Diocese to adopt the Anglican Communion Covenant. To see the official announcement click HERE.
The Bishop of Lichfield, Jonathan Gledhill, is one of the most Conservative and is one of the six bishops who joins with the former Archbishop, George Carey to pronounce English Law to be anti-Christian because of the gay equality laws. Hence, perhaps this result was to be expected.

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