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Saturday, March 19, 2011

More News and Views on the English Dioceses

From Lesley's Blog:
I have already reported on what happened in Wakefield when they voted on the Covenant at Diocesan Synod on the 12th March. I hadn't realised that Hereford had been due to vote on the Covenant at Diocesan Synod on the 5th March. In the same way that I could find nothing on the Wakefield website, I can also find nothing on the Hereford website, although they have written an item on "Women Bishops - Join the Debate". Where is the debate about the Covenant? It is strange really, because it is such an important piece of legislation.

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The Simple Massing Priest reports:

With the usual balance and evenhandedness one might expect, the official website of the Diocese of Lichfield boasts that the diocese "could be the first in the Church of England to adopt the Anglican Covenant" when they vote on it tomorrow. 
Of course, the boast was predicated on the incorrect assumption that Lichfield would be the first to have any vote on the proposed Covenant. In fact, they appear to be third. 
But they could still be the first to pass it, because Oxford chose to refer the matter for further discussion at deanery synods, and Wakefield rejected the thing outright

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