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Sunday, August 12, 2012

General Convention Brochure

The No Anglican Covenant Coalition distributed both buttons and brochures at the recent General Convention. For the benefit of those who did not attend, you can see one of our buttons in a previous post.

Our brochure was a tri-fold affair on glossy white paper:

Click here to see the content of the brochure, which was designed specifically for distribution at the 2012 General Convention.

You can find pictures of Malcolm French and me at our General Convention display on my own blog.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Would an Ideal Anglican Communion Look Like?

The Anglican Covenant would re-engineer the Anglican Communion. But the Anglican Communion was never really engineered to begin with. Instead, it developed in fits and starts with no planning as to what a “mature” Anglican Communion should look like.

Encouraging the Communion to avoid making the serious mistake of adopting the proposed Anglican Covenant has been satisfying, but Anglicans really should be asking what an ideal Anglican Communion would look like. What would we want to create if we were beginning from scratch?

Do readers have any ideas to contribute? What should be the underlying principles of an ideal Anglican Communion? How should those principles be incorporated into particular structures and processes?